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• 2/16/2017

List of things in need of doing.

Hello there
Long story short, i've decided to adopt this wiki cause this game is great
My goal is to get us on the list of other Roblox Wikis

kk, but this list is of pages in need of creating or other things that can help the format.

-Improvement of few pages (Wind etc, I have already made a start on this, and a few others such as Void have been brushed up on)
-Pages for certain categories of moves (Projectile, Multi-Projectile, Close Range, Healing, Body Transformation, Travelling, Shield), these can be made in different pages or in one page.
-Pictures of the Elements symbols (such as Crystal, which was posted on Twitter, as well as upcoming Spirit). These can also be on the Elements page as external links.
-More Categories for other pages (Maps, etc.)
- Possibly a Combo's page
-Better colours for the wiki, seriously.
-Pages for the creators possibly
-Tier List.
-Power stat pages.
-Gifs and more images/videos of elements in action.

This list will be updated frequently. Note down any other things we could add.
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• 2/16/2017
-Add a Heavens Drop Map page
• 2/17/2017
Added a power stats page, most of the rest is already done except the heaven map and the categories of moves, which will take longer. :)
• 3/8/2017
People are taking care of everything at the moment... Such as BillyJoeTheThird... Only nightmare and move categories are needed... We need some names for what the move types will be... Suggestions?
• 3/9/2017
Grapple Moves
Shield Moves
Projectile Moves
Bullet Moves
Body Enhance Move
Healing Moves
• 3/28/2017
Travelling moves, you dont grapple with things like water tumble d you.
Shielding moves, plural
Bullet moves could work honestly, but Multi Projectile moves links to Projctile much better
Body Transformation, You dont enhance your speed with rock body, so it doesnt enhance everything.

You got a deal.
• 7/18/2017
All Done! anything else this wiki needs?
• 12/12/2017
How about
Multi-projectile Moves
Projectile Moves
Close range Moves
Body Transformation Moves
Transportation Moves
Contact Moves
Healing Moves
Shielding Moves
Ultimate Moves
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