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hi i have a new idea

vote i you are really interested in what i do idc if u don't. i'm gona wait for a few more days

new """element"""
  • metal
  • "reality overhaul"
  • perception
  • moon (idk)
  • some random thing that is a reference to a bullet hell game
  • idk
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• 2/10/2019

oh my god 3s everywhere

look at my gems and shards

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• 2/10/2019

What do you think is better

what do you think is better
  • lava
  • spirit
  • crystal
  • ice
  • plasma
  • nature
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• 2/7/2019

Weird floating star

I found a weird floating star on standard 40+ map

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• 1/28/2019

Repost of ideas due to issues (poll not included)

Element name: season

Cost:1100 gems

Type:body transformation

Move 1: essence of summer

description: user gives themself a quick buff using the life energy from summer

effect/s:gives a +2 jump power buff a +5 speed buff and a +5 damage buff for 10 seconds

Mana waste:200

Cooldown:15 seconds (once the buff ends)(gives off a pulse of light to signify it has ended)

type: projectile

Spell 2: autumn wind

description: user unleashes a strong gust of wind that deals low to medium damage while inflicting a strong knockback.

Mana waste: 350


Type:multi projectile

Spell3: spring blossom burst

Description:literally just poison needles but better

Type:close range spell

Spell 4: winter blizzard

Description:create a blizzard that both heavily slows the enemy and applies a white shader to their screen while also doing damage over time(10-12 damage per second for 4 seconds)

Mana waste:300


Spell 5:autumn harvest

Type:body transformation

Use the life energy from the current season to get some nice abilities.

Mana cost:350

Cooldown: 40

Lasts 12 seconds

Effects:unlimited stamina, faster mana regen and health regen, speed increases to 30

Spell 6:solar ray

Type:beam projectile

Charge up heat from the sun to fire a ray that burns all that it touches


Mana cost:280

Charge time:2 seconds total attack time:5 seconds of use

Damage:50 per sec +burn damage and some blindness


Spell 7 :Kisetsu no kokkyō

Description: user manipulates the border between seasons to combine them into one force of energy then unleashes a massive blast of seasonal energy dealing high damage and stuns enemies while extra projectiles shoot out at high speeds around the blast dealing low damage.

Mana waste:1000


Damage:560 (main blast) 30(leaves) 40 (icicles) 10(water drops)

trivia, the ult was originally going to be called seasonal life burst. Season also had a planned full set ability that made it so when the current season is one of the four the spells the correspond to that season with get slightly increased stats except for the ult.

A not to good sketch of season medal


Joke Element name: MEME

Cost:(fusion cost)6000 + space + illusion

Element description:this is not a serious element it's meant to cost a lot kek

Attack one:pwnage

Description:destroy dem n00bs with dis atacc

Damage 800

Mana cost 500

Cool down 1

Atacc 2:airhorn spam

User can now annoy the whole server

Damage:possible ear damage

Cooldown 0

Mana cost 10

Attack 3 reeeeeeeee

Description:user throw sum doritos wii remotes keyboards and Mountain Dew in pure rage

Damage 140-230

Attacc 4: mlg bomb

The ult the does the job

Damage:1000-1200 (and possible ear damage)

Cooldown: 420

Mana usage: 1000

What it do: spams everyone’s screen with mlg memes while playing loud audio while dealing 500-600 damage for 8 seconds while freezing the enemy


Element name: LEGO#800

Cost:1000 gems

Spell name: brick cage

Type:field spell

Quickly build a lego cage that traps and damages people inside

Mana cost:300



Spell 2 name: LEGO plane

Type: transport (duh)

User creates a small LEGO airplane that will fly around until it runs out of fuel and crashes deals medium damage to anyone within the blast radius

Mana cost:280


Damage:210 (if near) 400 (if direct)

Spell 3 name: big boi

Type: projectile

User puts together a boulder made of LEGO that increases in size when being charged. When the boulder makes contact with a player or a wall it bursts outwards and leaves behind LEGO bricks that deal 10 damage to anyone (including the caster and party members) who steps on them.

Full charge time: 3 seconds

Mana cost:340


Damage: 300 (no charge) 350 (half charge/partial charge) 400 (full charge)

Note, the bigger it gets the more lego you get

Spell 4 name: lego missiles

Type: multi projectile

User assembles 5 auto homing missiles that are launched at the targeted enemy and deal medium damage for each missile and travel fast.

Mana cost:350


Damage: 260 each

Press y on a player to target them (will show a red target above them)

Lock on only lasts for 10 seconds

Cannot target party members



User creates a scaled down version of a B-29 Superfortress to go into the air and drop a small nuclear bomb on the desired location while bombarding the surroundings with mgs.

Mana cost: 1200


Damage: 1400 (nuke) 50 (for every mg bullet that hits)

Nuke explosion covers a 100 stud radius

Mg fire will cease after 4 seconds of being in the air

Caster will be put high in the air to make avoiding the nuke a little easier

“OOF this lego element looks somewhat op” yozern- dev of these elements

Note, only one lego ult can be active at once.


Space 2.0

Cost 200 + space

My “improved” version of space


Bring down 4 asteroids from space to fling at enemies dealing high damage at the cost of attack speed and charge time

Mana cost:340

Cooldown: 7

Damage:200 per asteroid

Black hole

User creates a black hole that is both slow and has high damaging. It also pulls players towards it and absorbs projectiles growing larger as it does.

Mana cost 500


Damage:800 (40 damage per second while near it)


User folds two points in space together to travel almost instantaneously over a large distance

Mana cost:300

Damage: 10


Gravitational crush

Type:contact spell

User uses gravity to crush all nearby enemies dealing immense damage to them.

Mana cost:470


Damage: 600

Range is same as temporal trap, appears to squish them quickly and shatter the ground.



User summons a dying star that collapses and explodes with the force of a supernova. This attack covers a vast area and kills anyone close to the blast radius.

Mana cost:1200



Range is 200 studs

“Anyone inside that range will get a big oof”-yozern


Boundary (semi joke element)

Reality + space + time 2.0 + 1111 gems (needs level 99+)

Spell 1:train portal

Type: projectile

User creates a portal that launches out a fast train.

Mana cost:333


Damage: 400 (always)

Spell 2: boundary of life death


User creates a field all around them to both heal them self and allies while damaging others greatly.

Cool down:15

Mana cost:400

Healing amount:100 per second

Damage: 100 per second

Lasts 6 seconds

Spell three:boundary between near and far

User creates a portal where they clicked then they could click a second time to place the second one. Anyone can walk through the portals and they can also warp projectiles to a different location. Right click to remove portals.

Mana cost:150


No damage

dev note, this may be the first transport spell that works for everything including projectiles and other players as far as I know.

Boundary of reality and fiction (truth and lie)


Makes a large area have a false effect that causes damage to appear strange, movement to appear strange and stats to appear strange. The only things real are the yellow numbers that indicate damage and the players themselves.

Mana cost:450


Lasts 50 seconds

Spell 4:ruins and rails


User summons a portal that rapidly shoots out pillars made up of rocks and metal a semi wide cone of spread and high speed.

Cool down:5

Mana cost:300

Damage:50 per projectile

Spell 5: freezing kick


Literally kick someone to freeze them in place for 10 seconds

Mana cost:340



This has nothing to do with boundaries lel - yozern

Spell 6:boundary of tangible and intangible (solid/non solid)

Type body transformation

User makes them self unable to both attack and take damage. They can also pass through some walls.


Duration:15 seconds

Mana cost:400

Spell 7: border of power

Type projectile

The user shoots out an invisible bolt that if the hit is successful will both decreases the targets defense and attack damage while increasing your own damage and speed.


Mana cost:432

Damage:100 (always)

Spell 8: return

Type: shield/support

A shielding spell that makes use of portals to reflect any attack (or teleport an incoming player) by sending the original attack back at the person but with 1.5x the strength.


Mana cost:450

Can affect nearby party members if cast near them (gives them the shield but for a shorter time)

Use time:6

Spell 9: remasucidarusakaswflsuyuwrekyoayahamoshsepautmimokaerkeretesu


Use every boundary at once to break the god damn 4th and rain down 2hu meme hell upon everyone


Mana cost:1500

Stamina cost:500

Health cost:99

Damage: instant 2000 dmg

Level cost:200+

Note: turn yo volume down

Note 2:cooldown does not reset when you die

Spell 10: reset

Fully use the power of the boundary of existence to erase all players (including you) from life and reset everyone’s spell combinations

Mana cost:1500

Level requirement: above lvl 200

Note:cannot be used for another 200 seconds when you respawn

Trivia. This element took the longest to come up with and make due to reasons. This element has some references to a certain bullet hell game tho it isn’t to noticeable. (not including the 1st ult) this is yozern’s attempt at makeing a semi serious element that’s op but not to op (if u don’t count the 2 ults)

Note:level cost means that you can only use the attacks if your at or above the level required.


Cost 2300

Shards of reality

Type: multi

User shatters a part of reality and forms multiple thin needle shaped objects and launches them at insane speed. which fracture upon impact dealing some more damage.

Mana cost:270


Damage:60 per projectile

40 needles total


Type AOE

Distort reality within the surrounding area making it harder to transverse across.

Mana cost:320



Dev Note, More of a spell that’s meant to confuse the enemy rather than attack

Dev Note 2, the distortion causes terrain to be wave like, time seems to slow down or speed up and players can look double or multicolored.

60 stud range affects only the people within the area

Random effect

Type: transformation spell

User makes themself have a random effect placed on them (user glows red)

Mana cost:340


Lasts 10 seconds

List of random effects

+30 power

+20 speed

+5 jump power

+40 jumpower


+50 defense


No mana cost

Unlimited stamina

No cooldown for other spells

+5 power

Less gravity

Lesser Invincibility


Deletion field

Type: shield spell

Caster makes a invisible barrier that deletes all projectiles that enter it. Does decent damage to enemies.

Mana cost:400


Lifetime: 4

Damage: does 100 damage then teleports them away


Type: ult

Snap away up to 5 people from reality.


Mana cost:1200

Damage: instant but slow

Usage: when activated you get 20 seconds to chose 5 people to wipe by left clicking, ( ppl in safe zone are safe unless they ran in it after being targeted)after 20 seconds is up the targets are wiped. Can be triggered early by pressing y.

Dev notes for readers, Wipe only kills the targets it doesn’t literally delete their data. You can target party members but it will give you nothing. Looks like a fading effect.

Note, the second spell is meant to be used for some trickery(duh)






Time 2.0

Cost:600 gems + time

Early note:this is meant to be like an upgrade unlike space 2.0

spell 1:orb of reversal


Fire a orb influenced by time that upon contact reverses the targets position back to where they were 5 seconds ago

Cooldown: 6

Mana cost:250


Spell 2: slowed time

Type: field spell

Makes the area around you heavily influenced by time slowing down players and projectiles.


Mana cost:310

Damage: 10 over time

Lasts 8 seconds and follows you wherever you go

Range:20 studs

Spell 3:temporary loop


User traps someone in a time loop that restarts every 2 seconds


Mana cost:375


Loop life time:12 seconds

Damage:25 every restart

Spell 4:chronostasis

Same move


Mana use:150

Spell 5:knife throw

Type: multi projectile

users throws 5 (8 when charged)knifes that upon hitting a player stop time and spawn more knifes above the person that was hit resuming the flow of time when done.


Mana cost:311

Damage:80 original knifes, 30 per each 10-20 knifes spawned upon a successful hit

note,this move can be a instant kill attack if all knifes hit the same target and can do more if the target has low defense


User stops time to easy attack other players for 9 seconds


Mana cost:600

Damage: as much as you can inflict

Effects makes everyone’s screen (excluding the caster’s) have a grayscale filter while giving the caster unlimited mana and no non ult cooldowns to use for attacks. All (other)players, projectiles and beams will be stuck in place until time resumes

“The ult was gonna be not as powerful but whatever”- Yozern


Fusion: angel + reality + 100 gems or angel + storm +500 gems

Spell 1:smite


Smites someone


Mana cost:400

Damage:instantly does 500 damage

Spell 2:solar wrath

Type: AOE

bring down part of the freakin SUN onto people


Mana cost:380

Damage: the mini sun 800, explosion 600

Spell 3:immortality

Type:body spell

no plz


Mana cost: 500

Use time:20 seconds

Spell 4:divine help


Heals all party members(including you) by half their total health and gives them a speed boost and damage boost.


Mana cost:450

Health restored by half ex:a 1000 health person would be healed by 500

Spell 5:arrows of the heavens


Quickly summon tons of arrows from the sky that deal massive damage


Mana cost:480

Damage:200 per arrow, 100 for every explosion

Spell 6:judgment of the gods


User creates a large beam that instantly kills all enemy players while fully healing all friends and party members in range


Mana cost:1000

“LOUD AND OP”-yozern

Note,this element was created in one day so it will look lazy

Magic#10 (name refers to the fact that this was already made by someone else

[:/] )

Cost:780 gems

Spell 1:bullet barrage

Type: isn’t it obvious

Spam tons of multi colored bullets at your target


Mana cost:240

Full Charge up time: 3 sec

has a 45 degree cone of spread

Spell 2: lasor beem


User charges up magical energy and unleashes a large beam that consumes mana to keep firing


Mana cost: 100 (initial startup) 150 for every second held

Damage:80 per sec

Spell 3: explosion

Type:close range

Create a nearby explosion with varying size


Mana cost: 310

Damage: 60(small) 140(medium) 200(big) 300 + recoil (LARGE)

Knocks back other players, if the explosion is large it also knocks you back

Spell 4: multi vine(the lazy attack)


User send out multiple vines that grab and pull in multiple players at once or will latch on to a ledge or a ceiling allowing the user to descend or ascend from the ground/surface/pull towards the surface.


Mana cost: 320

Damage: 220



user jumps in the air and sprays out tons of bullets desperately


Mana cost:1000

Damage:50 for every bullet

Plays the reeeeeeeeee sound when in use

Makes your character spin rapidly (no first person plz)


Danmaku (bullet certain/bullet hell) this is not a serious element

Fusion Cost: magic + chaos +400 gems

Spell 1:standard bellut spam

Like Magic’s first spell but fires more bullets with a wider cone of spread


Mana cost:250

Damage: 33 per bullet (there will be a lot)

60 degree cone of spread

Spell 2: divine spirit, fantasy seal

Reimu Hakurei’s trademark spell card, fire 6 orbs of spiritual energy to deal a great amount of damage to a target that it locks on to.

Cooldown: 6

Mana cost:300

Damage: 600

Note, if no one is nearby the orbs go in the direction you’re facing 

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• 1/15/2019

Oof I have done "all" my element ideas and put them in here as Google docs

Enjoy I guess

What element u peeps like most
  • season
  • meme
  • space 2.0
  • lego 9000000000
  • time 2.0
  • Reality
  • boundry
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• 1/15/2019

Update Idea

-Remove ''Angel'' element because its so cancerous annoying -Add ''Auras'' to *Blue* Book Shop (theres will be auras sale by shards or diamonds anymore so players can no longer need to buy the gamepass) -Remove all maps (theres only will be standard map players can play in anymore also that means heaven map **gamepass** is will be removed -Add New Gamemodes -Add Quests (stuff that gives you prizes when you completed like Shards / Diamonds / Elements / Auras) -Leaderboard is now (Level - Kills - Deaths) : no longer shows your shards -Now you can upgrade your stats with shards or diamonds only (buy points) -There is no longer shards its will be removed but it will be changed to ''Goldens/Golds'' -Every ''Exp'' of level will be: 1000 and killing a opponent of (default mode)- enemy of (survival mode) gives you 10 XP also you can no longer get XP from using spells and also you cant get shards and diamonds from (survival mode) of killing enemies -Now you will get 50 shards and 50 diamonds when you level up but 100 shards and 100 diamonds if you're a group member -Daily Rewards is now gives you : 5 shards and 5 diamonds but 10 shards and 10 diamonds if you're a group member -You can no longer get stat points from leveling up -Max level is 1000 -Changes on aurora element : all the spells is now has 5 seconds cooldown only but the ultimate spell will be still same (wont be changed) and ''Light Emission'' Spell..... You can no longer teleport again when you hit an opponent as results in ability but now it gives you 100 health instantly (Regeneration) when u hit an opponent .... also ''Gleaming Borealis'' Spell is no longer grows larger when you hit more opponent but now it self 3x larger as normal when used (so you dont need to hit more opponents to grow it up larger) because its too small ... players were cant hit their opponents to damage them also it now has 10 seconds of duration (hitting time) .. and also ''Polar Projection'' spell is now can hit for 5 times but 10 times if you hold click

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• 1/15/2019

Element Idea

Add ''Atom'' element !!

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• 1/15/2019

Element Idea

Add ''Bubble'' element !!

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• 1/15/2019

Level - Xp Bug

Hey Developers ! Problem is my xp is stuck. It’s one point lower than the points needed to level up from 225 and no matter how many kills i get.. it won’t move up like it’s frozen. Can you guys fix that ? also Add ''Reset Xp'' Button to game if we click it our xp of level will be 0 so we can restart to getting xp by killing opponents(Default Mode)/enemies (Survival Mode)

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• 1/12/2019

Element Idea

I HAVE AN ELEMENT IDEA ! ADD ''Love'' ELEMENT IN FEBRUARY FOR VALENTINES DAY ... HERES THE SPELLS : Spell 1 ''Heart Break'' = Throws 10 Amounts of Hearts To Opponents - Information: That Every Amount Of Heart Does 30 damage (10 x 30) Does 300 Damage Totally. Spell 2 ''Heart Explosion'' = Throws Heart To Opponent - Information: that will be explosed like the spell of ''Explosion'' element will also deals 350 damage. Spell 3 ''Valentines Chocolate'' = Player will place an heart chocolate as bomb to anywhere when touched from opponent it exploses (damages) nearby and opponents - Information : Deals 400 damage . Spell 4 ''Love Shield'' = This Gives The Power Of Love As Protection That Player wont be damaged from nearby opponents - Information: (its an ability spell) and Player Takes Love Effect to his/her body when used also duration is 10 seconds but cooldown is 30 seconds Spell 5 *Ult* ''(Unknown)'' = Not Made .

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• 1/9/2019
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• 1/3/2019
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• 1/2/2019

Space and Illusion

I am aiming for space and my brother is working to get illusion. How good are they each and what are the possible combos?

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• 12/24/2018

Level/Xp Glitch

So I’ve been playing elemental battlegrounds since 225 was the highest level possible in the game. I reached level 225, then stopped playing the game for a while. I’ve started playing it again and now I see that there are players with higher levels than 225. The problem is my xp is like stuck. It’s one point lower than the points needed to level up from 225 and no matter how many kills I get and stuff it won’t move up like it’s frozen. Can anyone help me with that?

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• 12/13/2018

Sans Element is Back

In case you didn’t know the Sans skull is hidden in the standard map on a little hill look it up

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• 12/13/2018

Gas element


Transport Move: Gaseous form- You transform into a gas for a duration, your movement speed increases, and you are invincible for the duration

Duration: 4 seconds

Cooldown: 6 seconds

Mana Cost: 250 mana

Projectile move: Gas Grenades- The user throws three-five green balls (depending on how long it was charged)that plant into the ground and if an opponent steps on one it erupts dealing 150-200 damage and stuns them for 1.5 seconds

Duration: 12 seconds

Cooldown: 4 seconds

Mana Cost: 170 mana

Aoe move: Toxic Blast-User creates a large gas explosion that deals 350-400 damage and stuns for 3 seconds

Cooldown: 7 seconds

Mana Cost: 350 mana

Body Move: Radiation- User eminates a radioactive aura around them that can stun enemies for 1 second and will stun them every 2 seconds they are in the cloud. Anyone who goes into the cloud will be dealt 15-25 damage every second they are in the cloud. This move can be used while in gaseous form.

Duration: (Depending on charge time) 10-13 seconds

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Mana Cost: 400

Ultimate Move: Mushroom Cloud- User creates a spot on the ground that in 2 seconds a huge bomb-like device will drop into and deal 300-500 damage depending how close they are to it and will create a mushroom cloud and anyone in the radius will be stunned for 2-5 seconds depending on how close they are to the center of the blast

Cooldown: 60 seconds

Mana Cost:1000 mana

Any thoughts?

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• 12/7/2018

A revised sort of recent element idea

Element name: season Cost:850 gems

Type:body transformation

Move 1: essence of summer description: user gives themself a quick buff using the life energy from summer effect/s:gives a +2 jump power buff a +5 speed buff and a +5 damage buff for 10 seconds Mana waste:200 Cooldown:15 seconds (once the buff ends)(gives off a pulse of light to signify it has ended)

type: projectile

Spell 2: autumn wind description: user unleashes a strong gust of wind that deals low to medium damage while inflicting a strong knockback. Mana waste: 350 cooldown:6 Damage: 240-350 (400 in fall)

Type:multi projectile

Spell 3: spring blossom burst Description:literally just poison needles but better

Mana cost:200 (250 in spring) Cooldown:5 Damage:40 per petal


Spell 4:a winter blizzard Description:create a blizzard that both heavily slows the enemy and applies a white shader to their screen while also doing damage over time(10-12 damage per second for 4 seconds) Mana waste:300 Cooldown:8 Damage base:300


Spell 5:(name is a work in progress) Description: user controls the border between seasons to unleash a massive blast of seasonal and life energy dealing high damage and stuns enemies while extra projectiles shoot out at high speeds dealing low damage. Mana waste:1000 Cooldown:115 Damage:520-600

Season’s spells will be affected by current real world seasons (not including the ult)

the full list effects: in spring the spring spell will instantly fully charge at the cost of more mana

In summer the buff will last longer and have a 30% stat increase

In Fall the fall spell will be stronger in damage and knock back

And in winter the winter spell blind longer and slow down more and have longer range

feel free to leave suggestions :)

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• 12/2/2018


What element is the best at going fast/movement?

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• 11/11/2018

My element idea


Needs 500 diamonds

with reaper and nightmare

1st move:Phantom's grasp basically pulls players to you like vine

2nd move:Phantom's secret projectile that will aim for a player like a homing missile.

3rd move:Ground Haunt makes a dark spirit emerge from the ground and follow an aimed player until it disapears

4th move:(melee/close range)Phantom's haunt.When used player will go "into" the aimed players body and take off health.

5th move:(ultimate)Phantomness surounding makes a huge area of ground a dark spirit (like explosion) while after the ult the dark spirits will haunt the players for 10 min

(Did i make phantom too op?)

You don't want to use it,oh well

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